Efficiency in planning and ability to achieve one's goals within the established time.


We improve day by day, thanks to a technological architecture that allows us to innovate quickly and follow all regulatory updates.


OMC is made up of a group of qualified technicians with many years of experience in precision mechanics.


Certified company for the construction of precision mechanical parts for the aerospace industry and equipment for ground checks and inspections of aircraft and helicopters.


The Company was founded in 2001 by CORRADO COLOMBO and has always operated in the field of precision mechanical machining, initially in the plastic sector, in particular in the production of spiral rods for the production of flexible hoses, later it specialized in the production of equipment and aeronautical parts. In 2009, with the construction of a new warehouse of about 1000 square meters, there was a general restructuring that ked to the purchase of new machinery and control instruments, expanding the production range.

We are specialized in the production of equipment for the maintenance and control of aircraft, both for pre-flight activities and for periodic inspections and in the production of tools related to the execution of static and dynamic structural tests. We provide specimen are prepared for carrying out technological tests and high precision mechanical processing. In 2015 we expanded the warehouse, purchased new machines and reset the organization with a new management system.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years we can affirm that we can produce a wide range of mechanical parts of various sizes.

Flexibility is one of the essential elements that characterizes the company both in the production composition and in the capacity of the staff.

The company places itself in an avant-garde position thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the extreme executive precision of the projects, the strict quality controls and the know-how of its staff.

Strengths are quality, flexibility, reliability.